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Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door
  • Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door
  • Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door

Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door

Place of Origin Hebei,China
Brand Name JH Stainless Steel Grating
Certification ISO9001
Model Number Stainless Steel Bar Grating
Product Details
Hot Galvanized Steel
Product Name:
Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable With 20/25/32mm Bamboo Wood Door
Horse Stable
Strong Corrosion Resistance, Durable .
Surface Treatment:
In Black Coated
High Light: 

portable horse stalls


steel horse stables

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
6 pieces
Packaging Details
in bulk
Delivery Time
45 days
Payment Terms
T/T, , L/C, Western Union, D/P
Supply Ability
45 /month
Product Description

Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door


Stereotypies in equines are usually placed into one of two classes: Locomotor or Oral.Common stable vices include:


Wood chewing (lignophagia): Gnawing on wood out of hunger or boredom. This is not to be confused with the more serious vice, cribbing.

Cribbing, also called windsucking: When the equine grabs a board or other surface with its teeth, arches its neck, and sucks in air. This can harm the teeth and may lead to colic. Cribbing can be caused either by nervousness or boredom, and was previously thought to release endorphins in the horse, however, recent research suggests this is a fallacy. Additional research suggests that cribbing increases salivation and may reduce stomach discomfort. There is a direct correlation between diet and cribbing, increasing hay in the ration or feeding more frequent meals appears to help.Cribbing occurs in 2.4-8.3% depending on breed and management.

Weaving: Rocking back and forth in a repetitive fashion that is correlated to isolation or stall confinement, usually alleviated by pasture turnout. Possibly a self-stimulating behavior. Problems with weaving can include weight loss and uneven hoof wear, unnatural stress on the legs and lameness.

Wall kicking: Kicking the walls of its stall with hind legs. This raises the potential of injury to the equine and damage to the barn. Usually this is caused by a lack of exercise and boredom. Wall-kicking is one habit that is often acquired by others in the barn once an individual starts doing it.

Stall-walking or fence-walking: Like weaving, this is a repetitive movement, only the individual paces compulsively. It is usually correlated with isolation or anxiety while awaiting feed. This habit can also lead to weight loss and lameness.

Pawing or digging: The equine may paw with its front feet. This can lead to abnormal hoof wear and lameness, and may also damage the flooring of the stall. An equine that paws can dig a noticeable hole in a dirt-floored barn in a very short time.

Some behaviors are not classed as stereotypies, but are viewed as undesirable behaviors for health or safety reasons:


Biting: A nervous or anxious equine may reach out of its stall to bite at passers-by, human or animal. Box stall designs that keep the horse from reaching its head out prevent harm to other animals, but some horses may attempt to bite a handler when the person enters the stall.

Bolting feed: Eating food too fast without adequate chewing. This can potentially lead to certain problems in the digestive system including choke and colic.


Product details:


Name Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door

10ft x 7ft ( 3m * 2.2m), 12ft x 7ft(3.6m * 2.2m) and 14ft x 7’ft( 4m*2.2m).

any other sizes you like

Material Frame tube 2”x2” (50*50mm), strong U channel to take T&G boards
Finish Powder Coated Finish or Hot Dip Galvanized Finish

Full welds will make sure the stalls are strong and durable.

No sharp edges promise the people and horse safe.

Yoke door allows horses place his head outside.

Powder Coated Finish: We can PC any color you like. Say, Black Color, Blue Color, Hunter Green color, etc.

Assembly easily: use heavy duty bolts or different way connector to connect together.



Jinghua Galvanized Horse Stable with 20/25/32mm bamboo wood door 0

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